23 Aug 2021

NL_#7_Aug21 - Following the Fellows - Summer21 2023 has published its first Impact Report to highlight the most important achievements and evidence-based results obtained by the ICT Standards experts funded under the first Open Call. The report provides an immersion to user empowered outcomes of the 2023 Open Call #1 from the perspective of fellows that were selected and awarded in this call.

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7 Jul 2021

NL_#6_Jul21 - The EUOS rolls out the first results of its TWGs

Landscape of Artificial Intelligence Standards is the fruit of the dedicated Technical Working Group (TWG AI) set-up to harness expert advice and stimulate discussion among SDOs, public bodies, academic institutions and acclaimed specialists to provide an expert overview of documents and activities relevant to standardisation in this field. 

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1 Jun 2021

NL_#5_Jun21 - 2nd Open Call Outcomes at a glance

We are keen to share the main outcomes of the 2nd Open Call with you. This time, we managed to provide funding to 37 ICT Standard Experts (out of the 68 proposals received) to support their critical activity in a wide range of technological domains within 13 different Standards Developing Organisations (SDOs

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3 May 2021

NL_#4_May21 - 3rd "Walk&Talk" Webinar & 3rd Open Call Open

The 3rd 2023 "Walk & Talk" webinar will focus on the discussion around Trusted Information in the era of the Digital Age. The experts involved in the field will give a short presentation on the current Trusted Information standard landscape inclusive of the perspective of National and European strategies and policies.

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12 Mar 2021

NL_#3_Mar21 - 2023 rolls out its EUOS

The EUOS - “EU Observatory for ICT Standardisation” is live powered by 8 Technical Working Groups (TWG) already launched to deliver Gaps & Landscape Analyses
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21 Dec 2020

NL_#2_Dec20 - 1st “Walk & Talk” Webinar - 22nd December 2020

Webinar - 22/12 15.00 (CET) Working in ICT Standards & need financial support to move your research along? Sign up & join our “Walk & Talk” Webinar.
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13 Nov 2020

NL_#1_Nov20 - 1st Open Call - November Newsletter

We're Back for all your ICT standardisation needs. The Fellowship Programme - 1st Open Call released!
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