Joint Symposium on Standards for Quantum Technologies - 23 March 2021 .

This joint symposium will bring together world-leading speakers to introduce different aspects of quantum technologies: quantum communication, quantum computation and quantum measurement. This will be followed by an extensive panel discussion involving representatives from various SDOs including IEC, ISO, ITU-T, NIST, ETSI, ISO and CEN/CENELEC to discuss the general importance of standards for quantum technologies, identify and prioritize areas in which standards would be most required and according to which timeline (road-mapping).   
In particular, it will explore the most important lessons learnt from previous efforts to standardise new technologies (such as optics and photonics) and discuss how past methods can be applied now to ensure that different SDOs can achieve the correct level of harmonisation from the outset, avoiding unhelpful divergence without impacting healthy competition between SDOs. 

Additional details and info on the (mandatory) registration here