EITCI Quantum Standards Group .

The EITCI QSG brings together academics and practitioners in quantum information and communication, quantum cryptography, cybersecurity, post-quantum classical cryptography, networking and computing to join efforts in support of technical quantum standards drafting to support international efforts in this regard undertaken by increasingly many SDOs/SSOs.

The focus of the group is currently set on quantum information & communication technologies with an aim to aid efforts of international standards developing organizations in drafting of technical reference standards for quantum technologies. The initiative is supporting the EU Quantum Flagship. Current themes of activity include quantum random numbers generation (QRNG) and protocols for quantum information encryption (mainly OQP scheme) as an extension beyond quantum key distribution allowing for encryption only of classical information.

Most of the communication on engagements within standards drafting workgroups of the QSG, as well as on spin-off projects goes through either the QSG mailing list, which you can join by returning the form at https://eitci.org/technology-certification/qsg or through the LinkedIn group at https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8850635

Participation is open to any interested contributors of mentioned backgrounds.