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31 Oct 2023

IEC Report - Smart Standards: From a market and industry perspective

The report emphasizes the need for an evolution in standards to meet market expectations in the near future. It notes that the growing complexity of products forces manufacturers to use a greater number of standards, which themselves become increasingly complex.

3 Oct 2023

JRC Technical Report - AI Watch Artificial intelligence standardisation landscape - UPDATE

This work is intended to provide independent input to European and international standardisers currently planning AI standardisation activities in support of the regulatory needs. This report identifies concrete elements in IEEE standards and certification criteria that could fulfil standardisation needs emerging from the European AI Regulation proposal, and provides recommendations for their potential adoption and development in this direction.

3 Aug 2023

The 2023 State of Open Standards - Linux Foundation

This report — The 2023 State of Open Standards —that the Linux Foundation Research prepared provides highly valuable insights into needs and expectations regarding standardisation. It illustrates that the role of open standards in IT for addressing the challenges of our time can hardly be overestimated. 

18 Jul 2023

Women in ICT Standards: Highlights of our Summer Webinar

We are thrilled to share some highlights from our inspiring Summer webinar, "Women in ICT Standards," which brought together ICT specialists, professionals, standard developing organizations, and advocates of gender diversity in STEM disciplines. The event's aim was to discuss the current status of women's participation and contribution to standards and technical committees in the ICT domain.

14 Jul 2023

CEN/TC 428 White paper Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ICT Professionalism: Foundation for trustworthy and robust AI

This positioning paper aims to explain how CEN/TC 428 and European ICT professionalism standards can operate to support European AI policies to embed ICT professional competence within AI systems development. This alignment is especially relevant to achieve coherence between future European AI policy and standards alongside the development of CEN/ TC 428 ICT professionalism based upon its four building blocks of: 1. Competences/ Skills/ Roles, 2. Body of Knowledge, 3. Education and 4. Ethics.