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3GPP TS 22.261 V16.8.0 (2019-06): Release 16, Stage 1

Service requirements for the 5G system


This 3GPP Technical Specification describes the service and operational requirements for a 5G system, including UE, NG-RAN, and 5G Core network. TS 22.261 builds on specifications for Rel-15 (TS 22.261, V15.7.0). 

TS 22.261 responds to the needs to support different kinds of UEs, e.g. for the Internet of Things (IoT), services and technologies towards a high-performance and highly efficient 3GPP system. Drivers include IoT, Vritual Reality (VR), industrial control, ubiquitous on-demand coverage, and meeting customised market needs. These drivers require enhancements to the devices, services, and technologies well established by 3GPP. 

This specification covers, among other aspects, high level requirements (e.g. migration to 5G). It also covers:

  • Basic capabilities, e.g. network slicing, mobility management, multiple access technologies context aware networks, self backhaul, energy efficiency, eV2X aspects, non public networks, QoS monitoring, positioning services.
  • Performance requirements, e.g. high data rates, low latency and high reliability. 
  • Security, e.g. authentication, authorisation, regulatory aspects, fraud protection, data security and privacy.
  • Charging aspects. 

Last update: June 2019

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