ITU -T - [2017-2020] : [SG17] : [Q8/17] - X.GSBDaaS - Guidelines on security of Big Data as a Service

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ITU -T - [2017-2020] : [SG17] : [Q8/17] - X.GSBDaaS - Guidelines on security of Big Data as a Service

Big Data
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IT in general

Big data based on cloud computing provides the capabilities to collect, store, analyze, visualize and handle varieties of large volume datasets, which cannot be rapidly transferred and analyzed using traditional technologies. e.g. Big Data as a Service (as defined in [ITU-T Y.3600], big data as a service (BDaaS) is a cloud service category in which the capabilities provided to the cloud service customer are the ability to collect, store, analyse, visualize and manage data using big data.). Data storage, analysis, calculation and other data services based on the big data platform, are developing rapidly in recent years.

This recommendation aims to specify security protection measures of big data platform, regulate security protection measures in the construction and operation process of big data platform, and promote the development of big data services. These measures in the framework will take into account on the national legal and regulatory obligations in individual member states in which the big data platforms operate. The work will proceed using the methodology standardized in clause 10 of Recommendation ITU-T X.1601.