3GPP TS 22.104 v17.0.0 (2019-06): Release 17, Stage 1

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Service requirements for cyber-physical control applications in vertical domains

3GPP TS 22.104 v17.0.0 (2019-06): Release 17, Stage 1


3GPP TS 22.104 (V17.0.0) addresses a challenging class of vertical applications, namely cyber-physical control applications, which require very high levels of communication service availability.  In some cases, they require very low end-to-end latencies. 
Real-time Ethernet is one of the established wireline communication technologies for cyber-physical control applications, and this specification identifies requirements that 5G systems must meet to support real-time Ethernet.

This specification provides new Stage 1 requirements based on the input from relevant stakeholders of the respective vertical domains. Its focus is mostly on factories of the future and electric power distribution. 

TS 22.104 for Rel-17 describes, among other aspects:

  • Performance requirements.
  • Clock synchronisation requirements.
  • Positioning requirements.
  • Ethernet applications. 

Related work: It is important to note the co-existing specifications for Rel-16, that is, TS 22.104 V16.2.0. 


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August 2019

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