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Please use this free text space to include any additional items you'd like to share that are not covered above: 

A follow up meeting at the beginning of November will hopefully begin the process of submitting new work proposals to ETSI and/or the EC. 

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Final report
To help monitor impact please indicate how your contribution is impacting EU or International ICT Standardisation Landscape.: 

ETSI User Group's Standardisation Aims include establishing reports on users' requirements pertaining to topics previously defined by either the group or other relevant ETSI bodies for recommendation to the ETSI Board and GA. These reports on a given topic will analyse the users' requirements under a functional approach in order to improve the standardisation work. To be available for consultation with Technical Body chairmen on users' needs. For this, the ETSI User Group will be in charge of orienting and distributing consultative questions to pertinent users within the user population at large. To provide when appropriate an ETSI Guide or Technical Report. To organise ETSI User Group meetings which are open to the general public in order to promote ETSI Standards amongst the user community and to facilitate the exchange of viewpoints on current issues. This also means preparing work item proposals to engage with the rolling plan for ICT standardisation.  

Please indicate the overall measurable KPIs & what has been the principal achievement (s) now this been completed: 

The was attended but instead of attending face-to-face, attendance was online instead. As well, plans were made for follow up work to build upon a just finished project as well as discussions on new work the User-Group can partake in. 

In which way within the context of your application?: 

In summary, my background is in cybersecurity and human factors building on my educational background in anthropology and other sciences. Most recently I will have my paper "Are We Designing Cybersecurity to Protect People from Malicious Actors?" published in Volume 876 of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing series and presented as part of The International Conference on Human Systems Engineering and Design: Future Trends and Applications (IHSED 2018). Also, my paper “The analysis of the Socio-Technical Environment (STE) of Online Sextortion using Case Studies and Published Reports from a Cybersecurity Perspective" has been accepted for inclusion in the Computing Conference 2019, London, UK. Currently, I have recently completed work for ETSI USER-Group STF 543 "User-Centric Approach in the Digital Ecosystem" on sections relating to use-cases, cybersecurity, data protection and privacy. The plan is for me through C3L to continue working with USER-Group. Also, through my work at C3L I am a regular attendee of ETSI Cyber-Group meetings with the aim to participate in future work. 

What is the final status of your contribution and what is the target release or publication expected date?: 


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Other (Please indicates belonging group (e.g IoT, Biga Data, etc.): 
Accessibility of ICT products and services
What is the progress towards completion of that specific standards to become a specification?: 
Preliminary phase
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Additonal EU experts neede to better support the EU position