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Final report
To help monitor impact please indicate how your contribution is impacting EU or International ICT Standardisation Landscape.: 

My contribution has been directed towards the creation of a CEN/CENELEC TC on Blockchain and DLT, focused on EU-relevant topics like eIDAS, GDPR and TOOP. As these are seen as region-specifics issues in the larger context of ISO/TC 307, an European Technical Group that will work on them could actually provide an useful result, impacting the EU Standardisation Landscape and, thanks to the Vienna Agreement between CEN/CENELEC and ISO, the international one as well.

Please indicate the overall measurable KPIs & what has been the principal achievement (s) now this been completed: 

KPIs from the proposal:1- Participation to the different face to face meetings (at least one in Bruxelles and one in Dublin) 2- Membership of the CEN-CENELEC WG on Blockchain and DLT, once established 3- Presentation of the initiative and the activities of the WG at the ISO Meeting 4- Submission of comments for the ISO WG on Security, Identity and Privacy relevant for GDPR compliance What has been achieved: 1- Participation to the Bruxelles meeting for the CEN-CENELEC TC setup, and to the ISO/TC 307 meeting in Dublin2- The group is not yet set up, but it will soon, and this expert will participate to it, as agreed with the national delegation3- Support to spreading the awareness of the CEN-CENELEC TC in the ISO/TC 307 meeting, and engagement with other relevant initiatives in the same field (like the Study Group on Trust Anchor for Decentralized Identity Management)4- Comments have been submitted, specifically one that has lead to a rewording and restructuring of the current WD to better focus on EU initiatives for blockchains and DLT  

In which way within the context of your application?: 

1- CEN/CENELEC Focus Group on "Blockchain and DLT" and active support toward its transformation into a Technical Group 2- ISO/TC 307 on "Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies", specifically WG2 (Security, privacy, and identity) and JWG4 (ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27)

What is the final status of your contribution and what is the target release or publication expected date?: 

For the CEN-CENELEC TC, it is now in the approval phase, and it should start its activities around September 2019. This will be the primary vehicle to deliver eIDAS and GDPR compliance for blockchains and DLTs. For the ISO/TC 307/WG2, the structure of the next draft will be released by June, and contents will be provided till 6th meeting (November 2019).

Please provide any public links available to demonstrate your work: 

I could only provide an attendance list for the ISO/TC 307 5th meeting in Dublin, as this is reasonably public (it is attached here). I am not sure about the publicity of other documents like the collated list of comments or the internal documents of the WG2.

Other (Please indicates belonging group (e.g IoT, Biga Data, etc.): 
What is the progress towards completion of that specific standards to become a specification?: 
Preliminary phase
Indicate here what final recommendations you propose?: 
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