IoT Standardisation Gaps

This report presents an approach for the definition and identification of key IoT standardisation gaps in several initiatives. There are now several IoT Standards Landscape reports available, including the work done by EUOS in Landscape of Internet of Things (IoT) Standards and by AIOTI in High Priority IoT Standardisation Gaps and Relevant SDOs Release 2.0 and by ETSI in STF 505, on standards identification, that have identified a number of standards that are available, i.e. which have reached a final stage (Technical standard (TS) or TR, etc.) in a Standards Development Organisation (SDO) or industrial consortia, and can be used for the work and developments of the IoT community.

However, the possibility to develop large-scale interoperable solutions within this IoT landscape may be hindered if some elements in this landscape are missing. Such elements, referred to as “gaps”, need to be carefully identified, characterised and prioritised in order to make sure that their resolution can be addressed by the IoT community (and more widely if needed).

The purpose of this document is to start a structured discussion within the EUOS (European Observatory) community and to provide consolidated technical elements as well as guidance and recommendations.