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Final report
To help monitor impact please indicate how your contribution is impacting EU or International ICT Standardisation Landscape.: 

I attended the SC 38 Plenary in Seoul Korea as the only Ireland delegate and hence a head of delegation. Prior to travel I participated in a national mirror teleconference to establish Ireland positions to uphold in Seoul. Apart from the plenary I took active part in working and planning meeting of WG 3 Cloud Computing Fundamentals and WG 5 data on clud and distributed platforms. I also took part in a f2f Comment Resolution meeting for ISO/IEC DTS 23167 Common Technologies and Techniques - Discussion of DTR 22428 record management, as liaison request from ISO TC 46.Development of WG 3 roadmap April to July - monthly eMeeting Liaison statement for SC 42. heads up for review requests for the Amendment and DSA. Next Plenary and WGs Sep 16th to 20th at SIS premises in Stockholm SC level study group in expert mode to be created. Input from WG 3 and WG 5 mainly in terms of next ed., additional parts etc.  new requirement for SC and TC liaisons to report also within 2 weeks after their Plenary. Discontinued The Open Group, ISO TC 68 LCGs are on Livelink. can send people to LCG 27 and 42 SC38WG5 N311 -> liaison statement to SC 42.Circulations: 19944:AMD1 also to JTC 1/ SG 5, SG 7, and SC 42 by 5th May 23751 CSN  also to SC 27 and SC 42 Ask SC 27 for references to DSA relevant SC 27 Documents 

Please indicate the overall measurable KPIs & what has been the principal achievement (s) now this been completed: 

Submitted on time comments and positions WRTISO/IEC NP TR 23188 Edge computing landscape - DTR CRM to happen as eMeetings  ISO/IEC CD 22123 Concepts and Terminology; 2nd CD > DIS CRM likely. CRM takes place as a series of eMeetings, I participated on behalf of Ireland.ISO/IEC NP TR 23187 Interacting with cloud service partners, working session as part of WG 3ISO/IEC NP TR 23951 Cloud computing -- Best practices for cloud SLA metrics , working session as part of WG 3ISO/IEC NP TR 23613 Cloud service metering and billing elements - to be circulated as DTR by 5t MayISO/IEC NP 23751 Data Sharing Agreements and related amendment to ISO/IEC 19944:2017, working sessions as part of WG 5. 19944:AMD1 CRM shooting for Thursday in Stockholm.  In the week of 25th MarchAttended the JTC 1/SC 38 Plenary as JTC 1/SC 42 AI liaison representative.Participated in a small part of WG 3 sessions, and most of WG 5 sessions. (WG 3 and WG 5 overlapped)Participated in the f2f CRM that took place in the week:ISO/IEC AWI TS 23167 Common Technologies and Techniques - participated in DTS CRM, CRM recessed to conclude via eMeeting by mid May.Upheld Ireland's position.

In which way within the context of your application?: 

ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 38, also wrt liaison with SC 42JTC 1 SC 38 Plenary as Ireland HOD and SC 42 representative and HOD in ISO/IEC DTS 23167 Common Technologies and Techniques Comment resolution meeting JTC 1 SC 38 WG 3 - working session on ISO/IEC NP TR 23187 Interacting with cloud service partners, will be circulated as DTR by 5th May JTC 1 SC 38 WG 5 - working sessions on ISO/IEC NP 23751 [see above] and related amendment to ISO/IEC 19944:2017. ISO/IEC CD 19944:AMD1 will be circulated by mid May.

What is the final status of your contribution and what is the target release or publication expected date?: 

Several of the projects of interest (especially within WG 3) progressed to final publication stages. However, the new WG 5 work on Data Sharing Agreements especially important wrt SC 42 liaison is Working Draft and needs to be influenced to strengthen European personal data protection priorities. Also in light of the latest JTC 1 Data Usage advisory group recommendations made towards SC 38, SC 27, SC 40, and SC 42.See the KPI section for target dates of next phases of all relevant projects 

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What is the progress towards completion of that specific standards to become a specification?: 
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See the KPI part for status of each project.
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Additonal EU experts neede to better support the EU position
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Continue influencing cloud computing, distributed platforms, and data sharing standards at SC 38