EURAS 2026 will host a workshop at the 28th EURAS Annual Standardisation Conference taking place at Delft University of Technology in Delft, The Netherlands, from 19-21 June 2024.

This workshop will showcase the impact and intermediate results of 2026 on European and international ICT standards. Funded by the EU, 2026 aims to enhance the European ICT Standardisation Ecosystem through a €2.9 million Fellowship Programme, the EU Observatory for ICT Standardisation (EUOS), and targeted Technical Working Groups (TWGs) providing standardisation landscape and gap analyses. This event will highlight the achievements of funded standardisation experts, present comprehensive reports on ICT domains like Digital Product Passport and IoT, and discuss their alignment with the European Commission's priorities.


  • 14:00 Welcome and introduction, Maria Giuffrida, Senior Researcher, Trust-IT services
  • 14:05 Overview of 2026 main midterm achievements and ongoing opportunities, Gabriele Quattrocchi, Project Manager, Trust-IT services
  • 14:20 2026 Training Academy, Knut Blind, Professor, Fraunhofer ISI and Technische Universität Berlin
  • 14:30 Panel discussion:  Shaping the future of ICT standards: expert insights and innovative approaches
    • Ivana S. Mijatović, Professor, University of Belgrade
    • XiaoRui Zhang,  Project Manager, DCU Adapt Centre
    • Alexander Chourreau, Tech Policy Officer, Digital SME Alliance
    • Julian Lautenweiss, Circular Economy Expert, Fellow
    • Jurriaan Parie, Board Member and Director, NGO Algorithm Audit, Fellow
  • 15:10 Q&A and interaction with audience
  • 15:30 Conclusion


The below paper was presented at the event. Download to explore the contributions to European and global 5G standardisation, drawing from the 2023 project. Additionally, the poster below provides an in-depth summary of insights from the "fellows" of the 2023 project.


Event Paper 


report summary


Read time: 2 mins

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  • Time 14:00:00 - 15:30:00