The Standardization Podcast by DIN

Human beings are not ants – What you never wanted to know about standardization, but definitely should know!

The Standardization Podcast by DIN about DIN – all about standards and standardization in Germany (DIN), Europe (CEN) and the world (ISO). In 12 short episodes of this podcast, you will find out everything important you need to know about standardization:

  1. Why should I be interested?
  2. What is a Technical Committee?
  3. Technical Committee And I
  4. DIN And Neutrality
  5. What Exactly Is DIN
  6. DIN In The World
  7. How To Apply A Standard
  8. The Magic Of Holding A Secretariat
  9. How Do I Know I Am Missing A Standard
  10. Mastering The Approval Jungle
  11. How To Conquer The Standardizing World
  12. DIN And The 'Evil Lobbying' 

Standardization is a democratic system in which you can make your voice heard. But because you can’t actually learn how to do that (yet), we will tell you. The podcast is entertaining and has lots of stories. We promise you it won’t get boring!

Also available in German!

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Podcast: Human beings are not ants Podcast: Menschen sind keine Ameisen