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  • Call for Evaluators aims to set up an External Pool of Evaluators (EPE)  of 50+ members to support the review process of the proposals received following each of the Open Calls. 


The Evaluator profile 

The Call for evaluators is open to all ICT experts with proven evaluator experience from each of the priority domains and vertical sectors. For more info on the 1st Call topics view The expertise and composition of the External Poll of Evaluators aims to allow a broad coverage fo the priority topics of the calls. 

The evaluator will work independently, in personal capacity and not on behalf of an organisation and will be selected based on their field of expertise and proven experience in similar review activities while ensuring that competences, geographical and gender coverage are factored in accordingly. 

The evaluation activities 

For each Open Call, based on their individual expertise, a group of evaluators will be selected from the EPE and assigned for the review of the eligible proposals received. All proposals will be reviewed by at least three evaluators to ensure impartiality. 

The assigned evaluators with have to sign a non-conflict and confidentiality agreement and will be briefed on the principles guiding the calls, application and selection criteria and evaluation process. Evaluation will be carried out remotely, via the platform. The evaluators will be granted access to the applications and online evaluation forms. The Evaluators assignment, contractualisation, briefing, formal review and proposals ranking are expected to last for maximum 1 month after the Open Call closing date. 


The EPE will be remunerated will be remunerated depending on the number of proposals assigned and evaluated.  Compensation is calculated at an average rate of 400€ per day.


Any questions regarding the Call for Evaluators? View our FAQs or Contact us